You’ll No Longer Receive E-mail Notifications For Brand New YouTube Uploads Or Livestreams

YouTube has introduced that it will now not send email notifications for new content consisting of uploads, live streams, and premieres from channels customers have subscribed to. The reasons at the back of pulling the plugs on email notifications is that 0.1% of these emails had been opened, says YouTube, and they truly overloaded the inbox.

On the support page, YouTube also cites creators who declare that the watch time in their content material remained unaffected once they turn off email notifications.“In reality, our tests showed that when we don’t send those emails, more people interact with the oush notifications and their Subscriptions feed,” creators had been quoted as announcing.

Even though email notifications are actually long past, there are more than one ways to get notified about new content out of your favourite YouTube channels. Customers will maintain to acquire push notifications from the YouTube app on their phone or via Chrome browser on their computer if they have enabled these notifications.