Why MTN And Airtel Show STAY SAFE As Thier Network ID

It has been over 4days ago now and MTN And Airtel Nigeria have finally decided to show off STAY SAFE Mode signal on over 70% of subscribers device due to the latest COVID-19 virus that has been spread around all countries.

So, therefore, If you realize or notice your MTN Or Airtel sim show the same STAY SAFE. Don’t be scared because it’s not only you that this affects. So nothing wrong with your MTN Or Airtel sim,  its just a Safe life message from Airtel and MTN Nigeria.

But the most painful part about the STAY SAFE is that. you won’t be able to browse even when you have a lot of data on the sim. To keep to story short in a bit, I will advise you guys to switch to another network or just get another sim for data till the issue gets solved.