WhatsApp Adds A Search Tool To Let Users Check If A Forwarded Message Is Fake News

WhatsApp has long been on the radar of law enforcement authorities for facilitating the unfold of incorrect information thru its platform, something that is easily finished thru mass forwarded messages.

In a bid to fight the unfold of misleading information and allow customers to test the veracity of a forwarded message, WhatsApp has brought an internet search tool.

Users will now see a magnifying glass icon along a forwarded message. Tapping on it copies the message text and plays a brief net seek inside the default browser on their smartphone. As soon as there, users can examine and find out if the information shared inside the forwarded message is real or if it’s miles just a hoax.

WhatsApp says that the message is uploaded immediately on the browser and that the business enterprise doesn’t see its content material. The new web seek feature in WhatsApp is now rolling out for users in Brazil, Italy, eire, Mexico, Spain, uk and the usa. It’s miles to be had at the WhatsApp app for Android and iOS, in addition to the laptop purchaser.