Simple Way To Fix Android Smartphone Charging Problems

Using an Android phone with Charging problem can be frustrating sometimes because it will also affect the battery from been strong as well while using.

Now a days over 40℅ of Android smartphones such as Samsung, Tecno, Infinix and Itel are facing the same charging problem due to overcharging, third party apps or even software update.

How To Fix Smartphone Charging Problems

  1. If charging your phone takes longer, or the battery does not increase one of these may be the cause.

Bad power adapter – Your power adapter may be faulty due to power surge or extensive usage.

How To Fix 

  • Try to use another Adapter to test your phone, If you notice an improvement, simply Replace it yours.

2. Worn out USB cable – Due to wear & tear overtime, the performance of a USB may reduce.
Test with another & if it’s damaged Change the cable Asap!

3. Software Problems – Sometimes a decline in charging can be due to a software malfunction. If you notice this issue after running a new system update, then that’s the culprit.

How To Fix

  • Update your software. And if it occurs after an Update, Reset the Phone.

4. Hardware Issue – A decline in charging in most cases can be hardware related. The Charging Panel needs to be replaced.

Only use Adapters & USBs specified by your phone’s manufacturer.