How To Get Free 4.5GB On MTN Yafun Yafun Valid For 30days

Hello Guys, What’s up how are you doing. Today am going to briefly show you another way on how to get 4.5Gb on MTN sim card even if you’re using an mobile or Android device.

I know you will be glad to hear this amazing offer, but unfortunately,  to enjoy it you will need a new MTN Sim card before it works perfectly on your device without any much stress. Are you with me? If yes, let’s continue. 
To Get started, Just walk through any MTN Sim Seller and purchase a new MTN sim card, Immediately the sim you purchase earlier has started working,  Now kindly insert the sim card to your Android or mobile phone and follow the next steps below. 

How Can I Activate The 4.5GB Free Data On My MTN Sim. 

  1. As I said earlier, After getting the Registered MTN sim card and it’s working, Now Try to recharge a minimum of just N1000 Airtime to be able to get the 5k Airtime + Additional 4.5GB Data free. 
  2. And if you don’t have enough Cash with you while you have purchased the MTN sim, you can recharge a minimum of just N500 to be able to get 3k Airtime + Additional 2.25GB Data for free. 
  3. And finally, if you still don’t have up to that, you can easily recharge a minimum of just N200 and you will be credited with 2k Airtime + Additional Free 1.1GB Data valid for either 14 or 30days.
  4. Even though you recharge N100 only, trust me you will be rewarded with N1k Airtime With Additional 592MB Data. 

This offer is working perfectly only on newly registered MTN sim card with Yafun Yafun Plan.