How To Get Airtel Free 1GB Data On Your Airtel Sim For 7days.

Airtel Nigeria is now Given out 1GB Awoof data to all customers for free to stream, watch videos and browse their favorite site for 7days.

Airtel Nigeria has made the procedure to get the free 1GB data easier.  And to get this free 1GB data you’ve to make sure you follow the below procedure carefully to be successful.

How TO GET 1GB Free Data On Airtel 

  1. If you have an Airtel sim,  Just Download the Airtel App Here.  Or you can even ask your friend to send you via Sender if you don’t have enough data. 
  2. Now install the app,  Open and then add your Airtel phone number to complete the registration.  
  3. Once registration completed, Your Airtel line will be credit with 1GB Data which you can use for Good 7days 
  4. And moreover, You can also help your friend who’s using airtel to get the 1GB free data for free here is what you will do below. 
  5. To check your data.  Kindly Dial *140#

I want to help a Friend 

  1. Get/write your friend’s phone number down. 
  2. Logout from your own Airtel app and insert your friend’s own number.
  3. The Airtel app will ask for a confirmation code.  
  4. Ask your friend to tell you the code they sent to him/her.   
  5. Finally insert the code to the app and your friend will be given free 1GB data also. 
  6. To check Your Data,  Kindly Dial *140#