How To Deactivate Or Stop Airtel PAYU / PAYG Plan Via USSD Code

Airtel is fond of making PAYU / PayG a default plan while buying a brand new line. Even when you have an active dataplan on the brand new line, they’ll nevertheless deduct out of your airtime while surfing the internet.

How to Deactivate Airtel PAYU / PAYG Plan

I’ve experienced this sad situation not pretty long, whereby i have an lively records on my new Airtel line and they preserve deducting from my airtime each time I browse the net.
In contrast to other networks, they may tell you or even provide you with a code to dial if you wish to browse as PAYU each time you exhaust your data package. That is the primary cause i’m penning this put up now, as many human beings are facing such problem too.


It’s pretty easy to prevent Airtel from deducting out of your airtime when browsing. I will be dropping  techniques on how I performed that. Kindly read along.
First method
This technique works if you do not have an active data on your Airtel line and also you want to stop Airtel PAYU.

What you have to do is to subscribe for any data plan. By means of doing so, you will be be opted out automatically from Airtel PAYU. Just dial *141# and pick your selected data package deal.
You’ll be asked what need to happen when your package finishes, just reply with 1, that is stop My data.
Second method
This method works for absolutely everyone. When you have an active data to your line and Airtel keeps deducting from your airtime stability, that means you are on PAYU plan. This method will work for you.
What you need to do is to dial *400*1#. You’ll get a response saying “you have got been unsubscribed from Airtel free SURF offer”.
It is all. You have successfully opted out of Airtel PAYU plan. You could dial *400# if you wish to go lower back to Airtel PAYU and retain browsing out of your airtime balance.
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