How To Be Eligible For The New MTN Welcome Back Data Plan Bundle

MTN welcome back data offer is still one of the best offers on MTN which enables subscribers to enjoy over 70% of cheap data plans every day for good 3months. 

According to MTN,  The company said customers that have not performed any data activity within 60 – 180 days will be able to purchase the welcome back special data bundles that have been designed for them.

Or either any customers, that have spent 30 – 180 days on the network without performing any chargeable activity, with a recharge data bonus of equal value of the recharge and a recharge voice bonus at 6 times the recharge values. 

Welcome Back offer Benefits

  1. Upon successful opt-in, Customer will be able to enjoy the following benefits:
  2. If you recharge between N50 to N1500 using code *161*<PIN>#, you will get the face value of the recharge as data and 6 times the face value as voice.

Activate Welcome Back Offer

  1. You will be able to opt-in for the Welcome Back Recharge Offer via the following channels:
  • Recharge using code *161*<PIN>#: After your first recharge, you will receive a pop-up menu to opt-in.
  • SMS: Send WBO to 131
  • USSD: Dial *131*66#