Google Adds COVID-19 Related Travel Planning Features in Search

Despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, few destinations across the globe are actually establishing up journey. To assist visitors plan nicely in those uncertain times, Google has introduced a few tweaks to its search results, presenting key information like accommodations and flights availability.

It also introduces a nifty feature known as ‘free cancellation’, letting users see hotel and holiday rentals with refundable alternatives most effective. This option may want to show to be very useful in the course of those uncertain times, when making plans to be a taxing affair.

In a blog post, Google has designated some additions to its search results around journey. The tech massive is adding information regarding percentage of open hotel with availability and flights operating in a city or county.

This percent is calculated based totally on Google Flights and hotels data from the previous week, and this selection is stated to roll out starting next week. This essentially gives travelers an idea approximately whether there are hotels at the moment to booked in a selected place, and if flights have all started operations or not.

“When you visit and tap on a trip you’re planning, or search for hotels and things to do, you’ll now see trendlines for hotel and flight availability. Links to additional local resources, including the number of COVID-19 cases, are provided as well,” the search giant explains.

Because of the uncertainty around COVID-19, a ‘free cancellation’ option from hotels and stays could be one of most sought-after perquisites that travellers look for. For this purpose, Google is adding a ‘free cancellation’ filter to see properties that offer this incentive.

Google says that the hotel and flight availability percentage will roll out this week. We cannot see the ‘free Cancellation’ filter in our search effects either. Anyhow, both these new features could pass live soon, and help travelers make safer and knowledgeable choices approximately future journey.