Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Via TweakTunnel v1.4 VPN (April 2020)

Another Glo Unlimited free browsing cheat has been found and it’s so super fast especially when it comes to downloading even when the network is not high enough.

Though, The new Glo free browsing for April 2020 is unlimited and before you can enjoy this on your device you’ve to be sure you are on Glo new yakata tarrif plan package just like the previous old cheat which is on Yakata. 
Let me just say the difference between the old unlimited cheat and the current one is VPN. As we all know. The old Glo cheat doesn’t use VPN at all. But this current one right now required VPN to make it unlimited. And for you to enjoy this cheat on your device, just follow the below steps to get started. 

How To Setup Glo 0.0k Cheat Via TweakTunnel VPN. 

  1. Firstly, you’ve to be very sure you are on Glo New Yakata tariff plan. Dial *230# to migrate and if you doubt it. You can check current plan by dialing #100#.
  2. Now quickly Recharge a minimum of N100 to your phone and you will be given free 40mb.
  3. Now Download TunnelTweak v1.4 Apk Here and then download the Glo 0.0k config file Here also for import. 
  4.  To import, Open the TunnelTweak and then tap on the 3dot above the right corner of the app to find the saved file on your storage. 
  5. After importing successful, now Click on Start below the app and wait for the app to get connected. 
Important Notice:
Note: If you notice you are downloading and your data is being deducted after connecting the vpn, don’t panic. It will stop deducting once it reach 7mb remaining. Now enjoy and download all your awaiting files and movies.