Glo Introduce Stay Home Data Plans Offer With Extra 20% Data

Glo Nigeria has just introduced another offer which enables subscribers to enjoy extra 20% data as #StaySafe Offer for all customers depends on the plan they purchased.

With the New Glo #Stay Home offer subscribers will get an extra 20% data if they renew their existing data plan, whether small or big data plan. They will get some extra data percentage when they renew their data plan before the expiry date.

How Does Glo Stay Home data Works? 

instance, When you try to purchase N500 data bundle, you would get 1.05GB instead of the regular 1GB.  and If you buy the N1000 monthly data plan, You’ll get 2.5GB data instead of the regular 2.3GB. 

If you buy the N2000 data plan, you’ll get 5.8GB data instead of the regular 5.25GB, while the N3000 data plan will give you 10GB instead of the regular 9GB data.

How Do I Activate Glo Stay Home Data Plan? 

  • To activate this plan is very simple, Just dial *777#  on your device and choose your desired data plans.