Check Out Latest MTN DataOffer4ME Plans And Activation Code 2020

Hello Guys,  Right now am surely believe you guys should have heard about the new MTN cheap data in town right away and if you’re not.  That means you’ve lost.

We all know data plan is expensive nowadays and the worse part about those data plans is that it doesn’t even last up to a month, talkless of 5days for some people these days.

The newly launch data plan is called Offer4Me,  This data plan gives subscriber chances to get 50% of data plan after purchase and apart from that, The subscribers also get another 50‰ of data when they purchase data plan twice.

How Does MTN DataOffer4ME Works

  • The DataOffer4ME plan required no tariff plan and it works perfectly without any issue on all MTN Sim. 

MTN DataOffer4ME Plan List

  1. N300 for 1.5GB
  2. N500 for 2GB
  3. N1500 for 4.5GB
  4. N2000 for 8.5GB
  5. N3500 for 20GB
  6. N5000 for 50GB 

How Can I Activate MTN DataOffer4Me Plan

  • To activate, dial *121#. Then followed by 3 and Make Sure you have Enough Airtime on Your MTN Sim.  Offer is valid for 7, 14, and 30days. 

Can I Share My MTN DataOffer4ME Plan

  • No, You can’t. Even when you purchased the Normal data plan.  Because MTN Doesn’t allow subscribers to share except you do a gift data plan. 

How Do I Check MTN DataOffer4ME Plan

  • To check your data plan balance is very simple. Just go to your phone dialer and dial. *131*4# Or You can Text 2 To 131.