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WhatsApp Aero v8.36 Apk Comes With New Features On Android - Download

Good news! Aero WhatsApp new version v8.36 Apk download for Android is right here with series of up to date upgrades and introduced features. Despite the fact that we weren’t anticipating such a surprise update after the modder prolonged the preceding WhatsApp Aero v8.22 Apk to run out in the next 3 months.
But, The owner has updated the Aero mods app with an extended changelog for the new Aero WhatsApp v8.36 which you won't afford to miss. The new Aero WhatsApp now enables you to separate Chats and group chat tabs that became noticed on Fmwhatsapp v8.35 apk as well. The new Aero mod also comes with dark mode enabler that have been missing for a while.

The Aero WhatsApp today's version v8.36 also adapts excellent features like transition outcomes when you swipe, Chat ringing tone instead of selecting from your smartphone, and with additionally fixed all of the trojan horse’s being skilled through users.
Additionally, the WhatsApp Aero v8.36 Apk update comes with new icons and downloading of Emojis is optional now. You could equally alternate textual content colorations now for your ideal. 

Aero WhatsApp v8.36 Changelog 

  1. Separate Chats/Groups Story view notification added. 
  2. The swipe row gesture option added! Transition Effects added! New advanced home screen styles added! New Home Screen Styles added! Added the option to change the incoming message ringtone in the chat.
  3.  Added the option to change the send message ringtone in chat.
  4. Option to change the voice recording start ringtone in chat added. 
  5. Added the option to change the voice recording stop ringtone in chat.
  6.  Option to change voice message transition ringtone in chat Added. 
  7. Added option to change voice message end ringtone in chat. 
  8. Icon customizations added for the home and chat screen! Emojis can now be optionally downloaded from the remote server.
  9.  You can now use your phone’s emojis as emoji type (it is an experimental feature, it can work unstable). 
  10. The font styles selection window now changes color according to the dark mode, and the option to preview the fonts has been improved. Added Show Night/Day mode option. 
  11. Added option to choose IG style background color. 
  12. IG Mode appearance option added. IG Mode screen layout option added. 
  13. Added FM Navigation style and FM Bottom Bar Style options. “Chats” Text Color changer option added. 
  14. “Stories” Text Color changer option added. Tray background color changer option added.
  15.  Tray background 2 color changer option added. Line color changer option added. 
  16. Photo border size added. 
  17. The border color changer option added.
  18.  Added option to choose line color for some home screen styles. 
  19. Quick contact menu styles, aero settings, file sending styles, contact profiles and many more have been renewed, now syncing with dark mode! Quick contact menu background/ Test/ icon/ Line color option added. 
  20. Added the option to set the duration of toast notifications. 
  21. Option to change the position of Toast notifications Added. 
  22. Added option to set background/ Test color for toast notifications. 
  23. The message counter position now takes 35 by default.
  24.  New options added to Space fixes | Home Screen/ Status/ Calls Stock Design 2 option has been added to Aero Privileges design option. 
  25. Conversation Toolbar Style now has previews while choosing! 6 new options have been added to the Conversation Toolbar Style! The background color of the update notes and contributors has been changed to a color suitable for the dark mode.
  26.  Various improvements have been made to increase performance and speed. 
  27. Fixed the issue where people display wrong profile pictures while IG Style is enabled. 
  28. Now fixed the issue where the text was not appearing when responding to stories. 
  29. Fixed the issue where top bar icons switch randomly to different colors.
  30.  Aero Themes not loading fixed. 
  31. Fixed black line issue when randomly scrolling down while IG Style is active. 
  32. Private privacy options not appearing in RTL languages fixed. 
  33. Fixed the issue where the group description does not appear in dark mode. 
  34. Emojis/Stickers appearing in the gallery fixed. 
  35. Fixed the issue of stories not appearing when IG style is enabled. 
  36. When switching between Dark / Light mode, your existing theme is saved. 
  37. Fixed the issue where the fingerprint timeout changes randomly. 
  38. Fixed “App Not Installed” error. 
  39. Dubai (Arabic) font style added. 
  40. Fingerprint locks are now using WhatsApp UI.

Download Link For Aero WhatsApp 8.36 Apk

  • Download WhatsApp Aero v8.36 Apk - HERE
  • Download WhatsApp Aero Beta V8.36 Apk - HERE

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