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Download Days Of Fighters - Kung Fu Warriors For Android

This fighting gives beautifully drawn snapshots with minimal cartoon features and super skills. Here you'll be simply presented to struggle against fighters of various nationalities and fight arts. Gadget of controls is realized by way of a joystick at the left and buttons with varieties of hits on the right.
This boxing game definitely gives you all types of fighting experience. So, fight and boost your skills to a higher level in this fight club. Prepare yourself to win a victory in a fighting battle. Show your kungfu or taekwondo games move with new powers and defeat your robust challenger.
This game is a combination of different karate fighting games like wrestling games, karate games, muay Thai, and martial arts games. In this kung fu warrior game, you will enjoy the blend of gym fight, street fight, and combat fight.

Download these addictive and thrilling karate games to show your proficiency in the world and get fighting glory. If you like fighting games and boxing game you should never miss this one.

Where To Download Day Of Fighters - Kung Fu Warriors

King fu Days of fighters game is just 80-100MB in size and the game seems to work offline On Android. Download Game HERE

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