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Download Latest Life After - Best Action Game For Android

Life after is another awesome action game that you have to survive for survival in the post-apocalypse world which suffered from a mysterious virus plague. In this Android game, you are going to lead the war against zombies most people of the planet turned into. 
This action game, you have to Explore the city ruins, abandoned mines, wild forests, and other locations as well. you will need to gather eatable plants and hunt animals to provide yourself with food. 
Download Life After Android Game Apk 2019
You also have to destroy lots of monsters and don't let any of them come closer to you if you really want to survive to find a safe place and build a house that will become a safe shelter.

Game Features

  • Great Weapons
  • Different Location
  • Construction and Object Crafting
  • Excellent Graphic
  • Play With Friends

Download Life After Game

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